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Welcome to Tea Exporters

We are one among the best quality tea exporters from India. Be it Orthodox or CTC or CTC dust tea, or the healthy Green Tea, now savored by millions, or the Organic version that is getting popular by the day, be it any tea options that we produce, process and pass on to you, for us at AlobhaExim, tea is close to our hearts and soul. It refreshes our mind and connects us to millions who cannot start their day without a cup of one of the worlds preferred drinks.

In Nilgiris, India, our fully automated manufacturing unit processes hundreds of kilos by the day amounting to 100 Tones of tea a month. We are one of the reputed tea processors in the region and across India. From the Ghats of the western Indian region, we source tea from the best farms there are across India. We are the preferred bulk supplier across the country. As a wholesaler, our prices are realistic and the products are of high quality. You can be rest assured you get the best in the time deliveries as well.


Having our own farms and production units, and working closely with affiliates.

  • Only the best leaves picked make it to your packed order!
  • The processing is hygienic.
  • Organic Tea is actually organic
  • The varieties are awesome and multiple.
  • The farmers get their due worth!

Why choose AlobhaExim?

  • Source quality tea products from India.
  • We have our own farms and affiliations with the best in India.
  • Processing and production is completed under hygienic conditions.
  • On time delivery and support is assured.
  • A number of satisfied international customers recommend us and repeatedly buy from us.


We Source The Best Tea From India!

  • Black Tea
  • Orthodox Tea
  • CTC Tea
  • Dust Grade Tea
  • Organic Tea
  • Green Tea


Tea Estates


Our estate base is in Nilgiris in India, we do not use chemicals which would be harm for use, we pluck the leaves at regular intervals and at the right time and season which would have two leaves and one bud, we manually pluck the leaves to ensure this which in turn would ensure to get the best quality of tea .