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  • Relevant experience: We have been in the wholesale tea business for more than 15 years and hence it is safe to say that we know the business inside out.

  • Own Tea farms: Well, this is a given considering the fact that we have been providing quality tea leaves to customers across the world. This wouldn’t have been possible if we retorted to procuring tea leaves from other plantations all the time. This is not to say that we do not do that, but a majority of our tea leaves comes from our own tea gardens which are then processed in our state-of-the-art manufacturing units.

  • Trusted procurement process: In the face of rising demands and seasonal spikes, it is not always possible to rely completely on our tea farms all the time. To handle such situations, we have a world class procurement process wherein the tea leaves are subjected to detailed quality tests before they are procured. We have a list of trusted plantations and tea growers whom we can turn to any time we want.

  • Quality Tea tasters: Well, it simply wouldn’t have been possible to become one of the most trusted tea exporters without offering our customers the perfect blend that they are looking for. This is where the role of our professional tea tasters comes to the picture. Our long association with different traders and importers has given us valuable insight into the varying tastes of different markets. This has invariably given us a better understanding of their taste preferences, thus helping us to create blends which will be undoubtedly enjoyed by the drinkers.

  • Professional advice: In our long association with numerous importers we have gained a lot of insight into the workings of the industry. This has made us subject matter experts whose advice is taken quiet seriously. We have received regular queries from traders who want professional advice. As a responsible tea exporter, we provide timely suggestions wherever feasible

  • World class manufacturing: As we are in an industry where the output is consumed by thousands of individuals, it is only natural that we engage world class manufacturing standards in our plants. We have adopted recommended practices from across the world to ensure hygienic and high quality tea.

  • High quality at every stage: Tested frequently in our laboratory and also by third party assessors to ensure consistent quality

  • Customizable packing: Packed as per your requirements

  • Business ethics: We place high importance in maintaining the trust that our clients place on us. Towards this end, we ensure transparent business policies which arouse us to gain the trust of our clients and hence, win repeat orders from them.